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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture this moment in time. Life happens in a blink... and I hope that the portraits you find in your gallery will become precious momentos of this time in your life.

Please take your time viewing your pictures. If you click on the first image, you will then be able to scroll through all of the pictures in a full screen format. The name of the picture will appear in the lower left-hand corner, and this is what you will need to reference when ordering prints. If there are images you would like me to edit further (for instance, change to black and white, put in a composite, or add special effect) please do NOT hesitate to ask. There is no good way to present you with every possible option for every shot, so I try to offer a variety and we can take it from there with specific pictures.

If you would like to order portrait prints, please make a list and contact me via email, phone, or facebook. Be sure to reference the image number for each individual picture. Please note that 50% of portrait costs are due at the time of ordering.

If you have any problems viewing your gallery, forget your password, or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.


in a blink

with BeckyB.

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